• The system incorporates flexibility, whereby the entire unit can be added to, reduced or changed according to requirements.
  • Installation is a simple "bolt and nut" operation whereby a suspended cabinet can be easily installed to a structure through a click on action.
  • This structure design is able to withstand a loading weight of 240kg, in compliance with British Standard BS 4875 Parts 5 and 7 Strength Test Level 4, 1984 and Parts 6 and 8 Stability Test 1985.
  • This system is suitable to be used with many kinds of work tops, including Solid Cast Epoxy, Phenolic Resin, Plastic Laminate, Solid Wood and Acrylic.
  • Service area is modular in design, whereby it can be easily removed to allow access for servicing and repair works of plumbing, gas and electrical systems.
  • Joints for leg structures are factory welded and finished with approximately 80 micron thick epoxy dry powder coat.


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